Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Been thinking

... got into town today after months of being virtually incapacitated and alhamdulillah (big grin) it was OK. Feel like a normal person almost. I was dreading it but glad I went.

Been thinking today, after another "take stock" moment that M really knows more than I give him or myself credit for. I think I stress out far too much and am now going to unclench and let him just play without hinderance for a while. I mean "play" and not just shove cars around the carpet all day.

I mean, he can do anything I give him (mostly) even if his concentration span is low. He has figured out some numbers on the number chart - I heard him sing song "forty- two" and "eighty-seven".... when asked where he learned that (WHO HAS BEEN GETTING AT MY KID??!) he just said, "well it's an eight and a seven so thats eighty seven". He is getting the letter sounds and recognising more than I thought he knew. Even tried reading "SAT" today. Almost got it. Not four yet. Must unclench about learning. He's doing it without me.

Really loving this site Khadijah gave me.


At 7:03 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Myriad do make some lovely stuff, even if you do need to sell a kidney to buy any of it.

There are some interesting and different board games I like from there.

At 7:10 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

.....oh and yes *do* unclench. You're right they do so much of it through sheer *needing* to know. Plus there's this whole horizontal/vertical analogy too. Push them too far vertically (academically) and they won't develop as well horizontally (emotionally). Which is something I've really witnessed here.


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