Thursday, December 22, 2005

In my efforts

to give my son some kind of window onto things other than vehicles I decided to take him to the Cathedral to instill awe, wonder, an introduction to aesthetics, religious tolerance, Christian festivals, and let's face it - it's free.

We looked around. I pointed some things of interest out. "Yeah yeah" came his hurried replies. He hmmed and ahhed at all the right places, bless him. He saw the main highlights - font, altar, choir stall, pulpit, as well as stained glass windows, side chapels and a nativity scene (which he tried to play with like they were Ostheimer figures or something... *oops*). He saw their Xmas tree. He liked the flags. He seemed to hug my leg a lot. I told him we had to be quiet and not run as this was a holy space where people prayed to God and all these chapels were where people went to talk to God and to think and pray. Boss: "But its empty!" ... er, yeeeeeeeees.

We got outside. "So, what do you think?"

Boss: Yes it's good.

Me: Did you like it? What did you really think about it?

Boss: Really?

Me: Yes.

Boss: *hesitant*... well .... it frightened me.

And there you have it. Maybe that's how he describes awe? Maybe the greatness of the building triggered some archetypal response? Could have been that the organ music which piped up when we were halfway round was a tad too "Adam's Family-like" type eery?

We got home and Dad was there. "Tell Dad where you've been"

Boss: *runs up to Dh, grabs his leg in sheer delight of seeing his Dad and says with an unbounded enthusiasm* WE'VE BEEN TO TESCOS

Me: No .... where else.

Boss: Boots!

Me: *slightly iritated* Anywhere else??

Boss: The healthfood shop

Me: *grinds teeth* OK tell your Dad what you saw today then.

Boss: *big grin* the dodgem cars and I had a little ride!

Me: Oh come on - what else - THINK!

Boss: *dutifully begins to takes a while then the lightbulb goes on, he looks up and says* A Jaguar herse with Mercedes-Benz limousine - 16 valve ... CDi ignition spoke alloy wheels *(not)* - and there was a dead man inside!!!

Me: *stunned, and defeated, hangs head and tells Dh we went to the Cathedral to give his son some culture*

DH: Oh. Right. Hm. So, what did you see at the Cathedral then son?

Boss: *running off* Candles!

I give in.


At 8:24 pm, Blogger *~H~* said...

Where does he learn all the car jargon from?


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