Friday, January 13, 2006

The clitter clatter of tiny little feet

Today there is a new arrival in our house. Something small, and new, and very much wanted and anticipated... Well, by *me* anyway. *Sshh* don't speak so loudly, you'll wake them.

Want to take a peek?? Scroll down...

It's our new Ostheimer family. Straight from Germany! ... I love ebay.

So, Boss took one look at them and asked where the cars were. But later on we did role play "going to the doctors for jabs", and other stuff. He has this primal urge to bite their heads for some odd reason known only to him and Allah. *shrugs* Jaws LOVES them. He uses them as lolly pops at the moments. Keeps taking them out of his gob, giving a satisfying gurgle, then shoves them back in again. I wonder what flavour they are?

Hm. DH is singularly unimpressed. Not even when I told him how much I saved. Not even when I told him that I got my brother to pay for it all as an Eid gift. *shrugs* men.

On an altogether different note, Jaws seems to be keen on upping the ante in the "lets see if we can give Mother brain damage" stakes especially through sleep deprivation, because OMIGOD he just did. Not. Sleep. Until three a.m. this morning and was up at Seven. O. Clock.

No let me repeat that so you can do the maths: he just did. Not. Sleep. Until three a.m. this morning and was up at Seven. O. Clock.

Yes, that's right - if sleep were a fruit it would a sucky lemon right now. Quit laughing or I'm making du'a for a kid for you this very minute.

And he didn't cry. He didn't holler. He didn't wail and scream and gnash his gums. Oh no - he did something *far* more blood curdling.... he gurgled, and giggled and blew raspberries until it became undeniably freaking obvious that this kid just isn't TIRED. And OMIGOD I *AM*. Soooooooooooo.... what will tonight bring Debbie nervoulsy asks. Boss walked downstairs today and announced Jaws is getting teeth now. *SHRIEK*

Well.... *bites nails* we will have to see how this all workds out. Boss was not that bad teething masha'allah - doped him on Nurofen and coated his mouth with teething gel and he slept. What happens if it doesn't work with the Fuhrer?????

Ooh 'eck.

If anyone sees me tomorrow with my clothes on back-to-front and inside-out, hold Jaws for me and let me catch some kip?


At 7:43 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

remember the *party*

At 7:48 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Yes... good plan.... you watch the kids and I'll sleep in the corner. It's FOOL proof!

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

hm, well....I'm laughing....but don't make Dua quite's the laughter of recognition.

Add headbutting into that and you've got my night. The giggling stops being cute at precisely 11pm. :-S

dh and I both have backache. We have a superking sized bed and we get about 10 inches of it each whilst 'master of the manor' sleeps horizontally.

I seem to recall a post of yours about 5 months ago that went:

get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out

sums it up right about now.

At 8:04 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

p.s. Nice family.

...Ducks are common in families in Germany then?! ;-)

At 8:27 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Hey- some people have cats. .. we have a duck...

This was sent gratis by the seller of family. Very generous man. Masha'allah

At 9:34 pm, Blogger merry said...

Very familiar. How can you get mad with "row rowe row your boat" at 2am?

It's teeth - 3 weeks time he'll start to sleep for england. promise ;)

At 10:41 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Oh yeah, what's my one's excuse then?????!!!!!!

You know what, since he had antibio's for the chest infection he's been really *awake* in the evenings. Whilst he was taking them he was verging on hyper.

Not until just now I've found out that is a side effect of antibio's....IN BOYS. Really, it should have come with a warning label.

At 6:35 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Actually I think its the BOYS that should come with a warning label...

Bed - yes been pushed virutally out of mine in the morning too. Have to stay close enough incase he makes a scramble for it, but far away enough in case I *breathe* on him and *disturb* him. I am allowed to sleep at his feet. It is OK. If he needs me he kicks my head until I come. It is fool-proof baby-logic...


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