Friday, March 03, 2006

To give the impression

that I *do* stuff with Boss (I don't) here is what we "achieved" today:

1. co-ordination and the contemplation of the ascetics of contemporary fashions (got dressed)

2. P.E. (assed about making moneky noises)

3. mathematical observation of measurement (I cooked)

4. P.E./problem solving (he played outside and figured out how to cause the most amount of trash and destruction in the shortest time span possible)

5. observations of biological and chemical properties transmuting over time (we had lunch)

6. Listening skills (I yelled a lot until he heard me)

7. P.E. (more assing about making monkey/lion/gorilla/baboon noises - which reminds me - DH was trying to explain to Boss what happened before the Great Fire of London and how the population of Europe was completely decimated by the bubonic plague. Good so far ... except, as usual, he got it wrong and kept calling it the Baboonic plague. Good grief)

8. Hygiene skills (washed)

9. Recoup and relaxation (he went to bed and I relaxed).

I really do need to do more with him. Hmm. Since I got the car our routine has so far consisted of: a.m. - outdoors walking/running/playing and p.m. cleaning house/assing about. We didn't go anywhere today and Boss looked at me sympathetically and said, "It's OK mum - we need a day off" ... But now I think I have all that walking walking walking out of my system I really need to get back into a routine.

Yeah right.

Yesterday we went to NA and it's so gorgeous there I could bite myself. It's so beautiful in a non-conventional way. It is a little bit of woodland in the city. Gorgeous. Totally relaxing in Allah's artistry. I got so relaxed it felt unnatural - and it hit me why "modern" people are so anxious most of the time - part of our fitrah is to live with nature - in tune with its rhythms and energy, yet here we are building our impenetrable forts against it all.

Then we fed the animals and I swear to God that everytime I see (read: SMELL) animals in pens it makes me want to go vegan again. Jeez, why would anyone want to eat anything that stands in its own crap all day??! I mean, who was the first human to look at a pot-belly pig and go "mmm - lunch!"? (And for that matter - snails, frogs, smelly-assed sheep and anything with a face) What was going on in their head?

I consoled myself with the fact that my food comes from clean, nice-smelling places and I am sure the supermarkets only use farms who disinfect their animals at least once a day. (I mean, eggs for crying out loud - they come from where?? - Have you seen how flea-infested those muthas are??). But its OK - my eggs come in clean boxes...Talking of disinfectant I am thinking of having a walk-thru trough at our garden gate for Boss so that his wellies become neutralised before they hit the house - they did it in the foot-n-mout crisis. Very good idea.... could get him to roll around in it a few times as well...

Anyway, Boss loves NA and so do I masha'allah - I love the change in nature that is going on right now too - and we are seeing it every week change before our eyes. Can't wait to see how that places transforms in the warmer weather insha'allah. A canopy of green and the sound of happy children....?



At 9:58 am, Blogger LMM said...

We love it too.I think we're going to join later in the spring and go evenings and or weekends.Don't you wish you had it in your back garden

At 6:34 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

pot bellied pig? mmmmm lunch?....that'd be me then...

Looks a nice place. Showin' Boss the beauty of nature...good stuff

At 6:58 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Yeah, Neil, it *would* be you - you are Homer, remember? :P

At 10:04 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Heard strange jungle/animal/monkey type noises comming from my front room today.

Upon investigation it appears that dh has found this real animal noise site and was listening to it with the girls. It made me think of Boss so I thought I'd share.

At 8:45 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

D'you see Bliar on Parky? Got God on his side. That's ok then.


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