Thursday, March 24, 2005

*Cluck cluck* ...ain't nobody here 'cept us chickens...

Cute or what?! C'mon girls... you know you want just *one* more sprog....

Anyway, hope Aunty K is reading this from the comfort of her own house. What a day for you ((K)). I'm a bit miffed that you didn't come back for the afternoon - am I such a terrible hostess??! Hope the door is functional at any rate. Poor you. (Poor I1??! if he got it in the neck)

Nice to have a little guest this morning in the form of H1; it was nice to see how Boss interacts 1-on-1 and how his conversation skills (nearly wrote conservation skills which I suppose are good too...) are really touching aw..."I going through to wivving woom - you coming H1?... Oh OK den. See you", and of course was pleased as punch when he was followed through. Aw...

I am pleased that the pieces of plastic and wood that currently are ignored for more pleasuarable pursuits of riving my curtains off their rails and trashing my light-fixtures were being not only used but actually played with for more than 2 minutes with a look of genuine interest on a child's face! Of course Boss wanted to introduce H1 to the pleasurable art of trashing afore-mentioned room, but alas! found a child willing to apply himself instead. So what did we learn today from this unexpected visit: 1) put make-up just in case and stop scaring people, Debbie 2) Boss learned that people do *not* like to be sat on and/or pushed/gerotted and managed to stop it 3) big boys use the loo and Boss couldn't wait to use it too now 4) always keep your keys with you when you step out of your house :P:P

Boss was sad to see H1 go, but handled it well, masha'allah.

What else happened. Oh yes, my phone's numbers are obviously sticky because when I tried to ring my husband I got through to another chap, very polite and educated-sounding, unfortunately I had just let-rip at Boss for dismantling my sofa and the poor man answered his phone to something like this DO IT NOW! DO IT! PICK IT UP! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU??! DO IT. AND THAT ONE. PICK IT UP. HURRY UP. *thinking it was hubby* WHERE ARE YOU??!
(Nice man says) " hello?"
(Mad screamy Muslimah yells) "...YEAH??! WHAT??!
(Nice man) "er... you you just called my phone"
(Mental woman who needs to eat something) ".. YEAH?? SO WHERE IS HE??"
(Nice man) " who? You just called my phone"
(Egg-on-face lady instantly calm) "Oh... right. I think I've called the wrong number, actually. I'm really sorry for wasting your time, and I'm really sorry I've just screamed in your ear..."
(Nice man) "er...that's no problem...Ok. Bye".

What a nice chap; if I knew what number I'd rung I would call him back and try to set him up with my sister.

Anyway. I'm pooped.


PS I write snottily. I can't help it, because underneath it all I'm a cow, so you know, it's not personal...


At 7:12 pm, Blogger merry said...

lol... i see you are adopting the "algebra approach" to blog ID then... just don't start giving people brackets and square roots... ok?

At 7:27 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Don't worry. Me no speak engrish when it comes to anything more complicated than a simple bracket.

At 8:24 am, Blogger Hannah said...

Those sleep suits look brand new!! Why do my old ones look like they've been through a war?!
Anyway the little house has arrived so I will dismantel the plastic one and get it over to you, somehow, in the next week or so. I'll e-mail you a photo of it up so you (read 'your husband') can see how it looks together.

At 1:08 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

They ARE brand new. My mum is on a cluckfest and has been buying me things even though I said I don't need anything; my old ones look like, well, like a baby puked on them for 4 months solid and then were left in the attic to rot. Which is pretty much what happened...

Woo hoo!! Is it big enough for a husband to sleep in?? Perhaps if we get a small bed in there and rename it "Hubby's Hole" it might just save our marriage?? Let me know when you're ready and I'll get me fella to pick it up, yeah?

At 7:17 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Not big enough for a husband but I tell you what it did have great sucess in doing when B was potty trainning......she was alright about wees but reluctant to do poo's but when they are playing outside put the potty in the house and it provides that little bit of privacy they don't get when we are standing in front of them in the toilet going 'have you finished yet??'

New?? what do you know that we don't then. Is it definately a boy?

At 8:00 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

NO. I think my Mum is used to buying Boss things and blue is the only colour she gravitates towards. She rushed out and bought some green ones soon after when she

Poos - yes; we are having that problem. Might be just the ticket: "Go out and don't come back til you've pooed yourself!!".

Are you *sure* there isn't room for a husband? Even a little 'un? What about me then - would I fit *yeah yeah Debbie - you and your bum...*


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