Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Did nothing

...bad weather so just stayed in and played with doh, fuzzy felt (I will get my money's worth!!), cars, lego, more doh, cricket (don't ask), books and then running around the living room like a maniac when all else failed. Him, not me.

Started to instigate Qur'an verse teaching insha'allah.

Colour-blindness, thanks for the link Merry. Have been doing a bit of study on it and either Boss *isn't* colour-blind after all or it's mild or something else, because it doesn't seem to affect any other colour - just green. Which is odd. *Shrugs*


At 7:17 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Salaam Deb,

Have had sprog, in case you hadn't been told!! Won't bore you with the details in case you've already heard them, if you haven't I'll let you know. Only happy things to say, no negative experiences, AlhamduliLah, MashaAllah.

About the colour blindness...the green thing rings a bell, I think it was kdja who thought H1 might have been colour blind, last year I think, and that was only cos of green so maybe it's a common thing.


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