Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Families and stuff

Well I generally use this blog space to moan so why should today be any different. I have bad heartburn *again* and am actually developing a taste for Gaviscon which is rather disturbing, but the bad thing is that any form of even slight emotional iritant is enough for the acid to bubble over.

MSN messenger is playing so totally up that I'm thinking of scrapping it altogether and getting everyone I know onto Yahoo instead. *Sigh*

Forgot completely to call people I wanted to call today but that was probably due to my extreme tiredness which my hubby thinks I exagerate for sympathy purposes before he starts telling me all the ailments *he* has just to shut me up. Like we're on aggragate or something - he's iller than me, so I can't be and if I am then I must bear it quietly. But I *am* tired today and nearly fell asleep whilst Boss was playing with doh. I would have loved to have gone to the Park with everyone else but my uterus certainly didn't like the idea, my brain blanked the information out altogether and my stomach told me Tesco shopping was on the cards.

So off we all jolly well went to Tesco - what a gay time was had by all - what with the back windscreen obliterated to have been replaced by a naffing plastic bag, glass shattered at our feet, the gale whistling through our hijab (I say "our" since the boys were sitting in the front!) and no rear seatbelts to cling onto. Just one long butt-clench of a ride before having to trudge round the store with two males moaning "are we finished yet" every three seconds meaning I inevitably dumped the idea of food shopping and gave in after the bread, milk and biscuits. So pretty much everything else still needs to be bought and they can all eff off if they think *I'm* bleedin' well walking into town to buy it all and carry it back myself.

Then one looooooooooooooong day of nothing in particular apart from acid. Not the hallucinogen.


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