Friday, May 27, 2005

Midwife just been and gone. Had to have yet MORE blood taken as I was tested as anaemic (by two incy wincy points for crying out loud!) and they have to make sure I'm not below 10 if I want to homebirth. Went through everything that could go wrong and am a bit more reluctant :S

WENT SHOPPING albeit with a harsh one hour deadline cos he wanted to get things "done"... :\ Won't he be chuffed when I tell him I want dropping off at JL tomorrow then .. :P


At 5:08 pm, Blogger merry said...

DEBBIE! You NEED to be on the Homebirth email list asap. The "everything that can go wrong" scenario is a typical 38 week - "how to scare you" tactic - SO many hospitals do it as an unwritten policy.

They cannot deny you a homebirth regardless of anything, if you want one, they have to attend you.

You are RIGHT BY the hospital - if you need to be there, they'll get you there. They got me there with Ams from Werrington in 15 minutes - LOADS of time after that to approach the emergency in a leisurely fashion.

I know its an incredibly emotional time but don't be manipulated by people who would rather not tie up 2 midwives away from the Mat Unit. These are the people who tried to force me into an elective section by saying (4th time round after 3 spontaneous labours) "do you really think your body CAN go into labour" in a mock-symapthetic voice... DON'T let them.

Will hunt out email addy of group and send it. In the mean time, - go and empower yourself.

VERY FEW maternity medical emergencies are SO much an emergency that you can't get to hospital in plenty of time.

If you want me to be with you for your next midwife appt and be a strern voice, just say the word.

At 7:26 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Well, it's not that she scared me - she's just covering her own back by filling in the paper work and as she isn't going to be the one on call I don't think she cares either way anyway. But if I'm anaemic then that's that, surely? I dunno... I also worry about making too much noise and scaring both my family and the neighbours - and insulting my mother if she happens to be around when I drop... I did make rather a lot of noise last time - like a mating hippo :S

The emergency scenario doesn't really bother me as I'm so close to the hospital that I can almost see it, and even if my husband took me, stopping along the way to show me points of interest (like he did LAST time) I think I'd get there in plenty of time...

And I dunno if I want a homebirth as some sort of fulfilling mothering experience or merely me burying my head in the sand and thinking it might just be easier ... plus the midwives frighten me :P

At 8:33 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

I did conider a homebirth this time around, my midwife is one of them on call and is very pro homebirth, plus I liked her and she knew me through my pregnancy with A too. But for me I think I *need* to be in the hospital for it to seem real if that makes sence. I really lost my focus at home. I didn't think I'd feel like that. You don't know where you're going to want to be until you're in labour so i think you're right to keep your options open.
On an entirely non bitter note I was home straight away and ended up getting up with the girls, washing and dressing them and making everyone breakfast. If i had birthed at home I would probably have been the one clearing up whilst everyone else rested. that's the only time in my life I have *wanted* to be in the hospital with cardboard toast that at least I didn't have to make myself.

It's all getting a bit sad when a hospital stay feels like pampering isn't it?!

At 9:27 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

It truly is, Hannah - kick him to the curb

Joke joke joke

At 2:52 pm, Blogger khadijah said...

you will know where you want to be at the time.
birthing partner is generally the most important factor in the whole thing in my opinion from what i have experienced and seen.
i think you should be thinking about that more than anything and having a list of 'on call' people you would feel happy to be with.


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