Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well, well, well

What a nice day masha'allah. Tomorrow is gonna be another scorcher, by all accounts (well according to my hubby whose bones are never [ever] wrong). And a mini-heat wave insha'allah?? That would be nice - if Boss had any short-sleave T-Shirts that is. Why oh why do I leave all shopping til the moment has passed - duh of course he needed summer clothes... will *have* to comandeer DH tomorrow for a shopping expedition whether anyone likes it or not. I can't walk and I'm digging my heals in now. Bar world war 3 or a major sulk-fest (totally possible) I think shopping is on tomorrow. Even if I have to apply emotional tactics...

On an altogether different note I have managed once again to hack a "commenter" off on a different board because I had the audacity to express an opinion on a matter in a democratic, pluralistic fashion. Ironically the person seems to be in favour of MPACUK - which bemoans the lack of democracy, politically aware and vocal Muslim input in the UK yet can't handle it themselves. I think the poster is a rather young person which explains a lot. You only have energy for anger, angst, uppitiness and self-absorption when you are young. The rest of us have life to get on with. You know someone has lost a point when the last line reads ".. and the same to you... with knobs on" etc etc. Puh-lease.

Boss is using his playhouse as a garage which is hacking the girl next door off. She puts chairs and stuff inside to make a house and he chucks it all back out and plonks his tractor in it. Not just once have I heard her say, "I am going home if you do that" and it makes me really giggle to hear Boss reply, "OK - bye - I love you"... LOL. And he loves her very much. He either doesn't understand emotional blackmail or he is really, really canny about who he lets manipulate him :P

No MP thing tomorrow then. Which works out better for me. I'd like to get to this one - AWorld is good but I'd like him to see kids sitting with a bum on a seat for more than 20 seconds and doing work. Might encourage him to try it ... if I haven't sprogged by 3rd June then insha'allah I will try and make this one.

Mightily encouraged by Boss' letter recognition, which is coming on in leaps and bounds masha'allah. He even knows some numnbers on sight which I didn't think he knew at all :) = happy bunny Debbie.

Bug exploration which I'd tried to encourage during the winter months a bit has taken off too - currently yanking every unturned stone up and screaming MUM - DAD - COME AND HAVE A LOOK AT THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. He was dead chuffed to have cuaght himself a ladybird yesterday too - by putting a milk-bottle cap over it. Then when he went to look at it, it flew off and he said, in horror, "MUMMY - Ladybirds FLY??!". Er yeah, you didn't know??

Aunty K gave me an exercise ball a while back and I have now inflated it - ideal for home-birthing etc. etc. Hubby keeps looking at it with confusion so I said, "What is it, don't you like it?", and he replied, "What is it - an exercise ball?", and I said "Yes".... "Well why do you need an exercise ball?"... "For when I'm in labour"... *perplexed expression*... "You're going to exercise while you're in labour??"...



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