Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Hurting. The end.

Made an amazing discovery today: food shopping defies the laws of physics since it both sucks and blows at one and the same time. It has the ability to transform one happy-go-lucky toddler into a stroppy parent-beating neanderthal, and to increase the blood pressure of afore-mentioned adults to such dizzying heights that one wonders why Tescos do not have St. John's ambulances on stand-by in pretty much the same manner as amateur football matches or organised sporting events do. Food shopping also has the ability to completely cripple me since my hips nearly packed in on three occasions and had the unborn not been using both feet to push my stomach into an unusual hexagon shape meaning I had to stand with an overly straight back to avoid unnecessary internal laceration of my uterus I think I would have slowly hunched over, inverted in on myself and melted into a pool on the floor. And in case I haven't made this case perfectly clear I shall reitterate it one more time: I hate food shopping and I hurt.


What else... nope: "I hurt" pretty much sums it up....


At 8:13 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

I used to go food shopping during the day when I just had the girls.
Currently I am writing lists and sending my dh in the evening.

Is it just me or does internet shopping come with a hidden price? Why does my shopping come to at least £20 more when I buy the same stuff?

Tried to go the other day on my own with all 3 kids. Decided to go home when I noticed B was crawling alongside the trolly.


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