Friday, July 22, 2005

I wanted to blog something...

... but by the time I reached the PC I'd forgotten what it was... damn.... I'm doing that a lot :S

Hm... anybody know of anything I can take to help a breastfeeding child who gets stomach cramps?? I need a machine that can de-wind him ... I would pay good money for a machine that could do that...

Boss is being very testing. I dunno - it's like he *likes* being yelled at, or something... I have been trying a bit harder to be more understanding, patient and playful (thanks for the lend of the book btw), but all it does is add to his quest and desire for complete and utter 100% adoration and devotion. The trouble is he thinks he's an adult and we are his subordinates. ... we called him Boss for a reason - he thinks he is. *Sigh*

Oh well.

I'm willing babydom away - is that bad? *Sigh again*

When I am out and about again do I have any invites from people who remember me to come and pay you a visit??


At 7:42 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

my door is open to you should know that.

See you soon InshaAllah

At 7:53 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

Oh and the quest for 100% attention goes on here too. (with the eldest)
At the moment I'm giving her as much as I can as long as it doesn't eat into the other 2's time.
Sigh, it's all just a balancing act but at the end of the day she *is* a sibling and that's a role she needs to learn.

At 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

every child and husband wants 100 percent.
can't you tell from my appearance i am missing five sixths of me!?!

of course invited.....


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