Monday, July 18, 2005

Yes, I have read a book. It turns out I am not allergic to books if my nipples are at stake (the greater need outweighing the lesser). It's even rubbed off onto other books too - I managed to read a Waldorf book on education - well a few chapters! I am so impressed with my little self masha'allah... all without hyperventilating.

Anyway, can anyone lend me "Playful parenting" - I think I need the quality of that title right now. I have forgotten how to play with Boss and just end up barking at him throughout the day... *sigh*

Also, any tips on how to get a three year old to give some of his toys away. Subhan'allah, he has so much stuff that we really need to whittle away the baggage before my house explodes and Boss becomes so grossly materialistic that narcissm sets in before he hits 4 years old. Everytime my parents come they bring him stuff and I want him to just get stuff at Eid!! He has so many toys he isn't playing with any of them nor looking after them either - "bin it" is his answer to broken toys... hm... He has more toys at three than I ever had throughout my childhood. And I am not exagerating either.... so tips please...

No I don't want a wardrobe, mysterious wardrobe-giver-away-person... thanks for the offer.

Baby awake, nipple must be rushed to his gob ASAP.

Oh, shaved his head today too - aw....


At 10:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, playful parenting will be coming through your door insha'Allah in near future, so it's on loan, not from a generous benefactor! lol.
you sound sparkling mash'Allah.
mine have been desp to see yours, if you free tomorrow morn pls call me.......
love wa salaam

At 1:59 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

getting children to give up toys....hmm...I have tried the 'lets give some to poor children approach but unfortunately my children are far to self obsessed to go for that one and start getting sentimental about EVERYTHING.

So what I usually do is

1. either start putting stuff they don't play with in a bin bag in the understairs cupboard or somewhere else they don't go and if they haven't noticed in 2 weeks, I put it in the car and take it to a charity shop.


2. They want something really badly e.g a baby doll that does something non of the other 4 could possibly do and the deal is...If you get rid of all the others you can have one at Eid.

However DH STILL thinks they have too much so quite possibly both the above options are crap.

At 7:01 pm, Anonymous zainab said...

Boss sounds exactly the same as M A. I think his ambition when he gets a new toy is to break it as quickly as possible! sigh! Kids today don't appreciate anything... they just have far too much of evreything, food, clothes, toys etc. Really i think the answer for all of us is in following the sunnah by bringing simplicity into our lives! ( and that goes to ME first!)

At 9:45 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

Any chance of you coming to mudpud tomorrow....would so like to see the new little man and boss (and you too!!)


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