Saturday, November 05, 2005

A is for....

Boss: apple

Me: Yes, well done

Boss: ... and ant.

Me: Yes. Yes it is.

Boss: B is for box

Me: Yup.

Boss: and boy

Me: Clever boy, yes it is

Boss: and ball.

Me: *smiles*

Boss: and BMW and brakes

Me: Can't argue there. Yeah it is.

Boss: H is for house. And Honda. And Hyundai.

Me: Ok

Boss: T is for tractor. And truck. And Toyota.

Me: Right on all accounts

Boss: G is for.... ... for ... for....

Me: *Racks brain*

Boss: G is for... ... for ... for... *errie silence*

Me: *finishes racking brain*

Boss: *Lightbulb goes on and instead of shouting 'eureka' explodes with:* GOB!

Me: Well, yeah... I suppose it is...

Boss: *breaking into a monologue of the virtues of various vehicles* L is for limousine. I like limousines. Can we have a limousine. Or an ice-cream van? Ice-cream begins with 'i'. Purple ice-cream vans and white limousine.... *trails off into the distant whilst I phase out all noise in my head and heartily give thanks to Allah that He saw fit to put me in an age of motor-vehicles as I have no idea how I would cope with kids if there were just horses and carriages...*


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