Thursday, December 22, 2005

And the photos

The grand entrance

The grand entrance again and a nobody who I have just made world famous pushing her pram... sorry about that

The dead emaciated bloke wavering above the altar, ready to frighten the crap out of all preschoolers

Side chapel. Lovely windows

We liked this

Another side chapel. Lots of candles. Very pretty

Ceiling detail.

A model of our fair Cathedral out of what looked like matchsticks. He was by this point chewing his fist with excitement.

The tree. *stoping myself from launching into a tirade against non-Christian influences permeating a tradition which itself states in its own holy book that such a practice is outlawed as a pagan herecy whilst remembering I am no longer a Christian and I don't have to care about it anymore. Hurrah* Very pretty none-the-less

And finally, the Ostheimer play figures who make diesel noises and brake-screaching sounds when propelled at full speed by a three year old who has yet to learn the delicate art of how to handle a Christian artefact

Thus endeth the lesson.


At 6:58 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

LOL. The crucifix scared the crap out of Isabella too. She just kept asking...

"But WHY????"

Fitra state of a child, eh?

Do they still have the Catherine of Aragon/Henry VII display up?


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