Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Goddamn it why don't they just put a door on that warehouse they got and save us all a round trip hell of three zillion miles. Is there ANYBODY OUT THERE who will going to Ikea and can fit one of these in their boot?? I would pay a fiver for the hassle...


At 8:04 am, Blogger tammy said...

we are probably going on the 19th and I would be happy to pick it up for you-it comes flat packed so should fit in the boot no problem. if we don't go I will post a comment and let you know.

At 6:38 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

I love you. Hubby might be getting some co-workers to see if they can pick one up for us on Monday (they've opened a new store in Northampton or something??) but if they don't then I may take you up on your v. generous offer.

At 3:40 am, Blogger JD said...

Here in S'pore, Ikea delivers for a very low price and will set up as well, also for a very low price. My wife and I have used both services from them in the past.

I'd be surprised if Ikea doesn't deliver in the UK - I thought that was company policy worldwide. If the online catalog doesn't state specifically that they don't deliver, why don't you give them a call and see if they will?

At 6:56 pm, Blogger Jax said...

jd, they don't. They have a deal with a company who does but it would probably double the price of the item Debbie wants.


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