Friday, January 06, 2006

He did it again

Somebody had posted us a book through our door. Perhaps they thought we are the library or perhaps (more likely) it was a gift. Khadijah I'm guessing it was you?? Jazakillah to whoever it was.

Anyway, I gave it to Boss and wandered off to try to deal with the amount of crud that encroaches on my house when I'm not looking (Ya Allah give us barakah in our affairs!) and I heard him whisper "f-r-o-g... frog. The ..frog... ... the happy frog?? No dats not right - ders no "h". The... frog ... the ... oh I don't know what these other words say...". And I came into the room and looked. And yes he was reading the title of the book. I can't remember it now. I think it was The Frog with the Big Gob or something like that. And I looked at him. He said "what do these say?" So I told him. And he tried to work it out again by recognising letters.

The other day he did the same with his cars. He got his ambulance which actually has "paramedic" on it and he tried to "read" it. He said "am-bu-lance .... *confused look* ... p ... p ... Mum - is this a police car??". Eek!

I have to say I am really itching to get back to 'work'. I am resisting the urge to get back to "normal" seeing as he is champing at the bit. I'm not going to push it. We need to do more craft and more reading. I'm really liking working with watercolour - he was a bit miffed that it didn't cause as much mess as the Crayola stuff we had before.

Right, George is awake. Better go and invigilate round two. *ding ding*...


At 8:49 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

thought it would make you laugh. sorry anon, always dashing around. i should do mystery door drops really!
there was a post that springs to mind on waldorfhomeeders - will try to find insha'Allah...


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