Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yeah it snowed

We got over it pretty quickly. Had a really mongy day. Boss was in an odd mood all day - very bad mannered and spoiling for a fight. Didn't want to do anything so I naturally assumed all blame and felt I must be cramping his creativity or something, so tried almost everything I could think of to abate his ennui and put the spring back in his step and it all failed. After talking through his puppet (don't ask) he finally told his puppet that he was just fed up and just didn't want to do anything and he would be fed up tomorrow as well. He hasn't eaten, played, read stories, assed about - nothing. Just flopped.

Obviously weather related.

To top it all off, the one thing I went to Tescos for today was completey sold out and I was totally bummed out about it.

I have decided that even though other people think my house is small (it is) and badly furnished (can't fight a tidal wave) I am going to accept that I am doing the best I can within my budget and if people don't like it they can chew on it.

Found this on ebay and have ordered one so stuff IKEA. I think I might get sucked into the whole ebay thing after all - found some Ostheimer stuff at much cheaper prices (only have to sell one kidney, as Hannah might put it - thus saving the other in case I decide to order any Stockmar crayons). And I have so much crap I can palm off onto other people in my house... could be a nice little earner LOL

What else. Hmm think I need to learn AGAIN how to get my point across. Been detecting several noses out of joint by several things I've said lately. I do get up peoples' noses and I do come across as obnoxious. I think that's because when I believe something I believe it firmly even if I haven't learned how to express myself delicately.

And this goes for my Waldorf musings too. I do happen to find plastic offensive - it actually causes me internal stress to have it in my house in such vast quantities. I never realised how much I detested it until I saw an alternative and felt a discernable difference in how I felt. However, that doesn't mean to say that I am making a value-judgement on any else's tastes or appreciation of beauty, or that I think everyone else has it wrong and are crap. No. I value everyone's personal take on it and we are all trying to do the best job we can given our circumstances so if I have inadvertantly irked anyone then forgive me. It wasn't my intention. My house it tasteless tat and I think I need wooden toys to disguise this fact.

Anyway, snow picture:

From my window... and here are some prettier ones from elsewhere

Grantham, apparently


Yeah I can see you are as excited as I am about it.


At 7:13 pm, Blogger merry said...

I can imagine, looking at that, that you think you've put my nose out of joint. Just to say then, that you haven't :) Hope i haven't knocked yours to one side either.

When people speak bluntly, i always think its pretty much fine to reply in a similar vein - so when you make interesting points, i reply because they interest me. You wouldn't want me to simper and panda and just say "oh you are absolutely right!" now would you? ;)

Re: Wal..d..o..r..f... (is that right?) - it's never interested me, but come round and you'll find my house full of wooden stuff. I went through a purist phase and i'm back out the other side again- you can lead the children to wood but you can't make them play with it ;)

Much love anyway. Come round sometime soon :)

At 8:54 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

i've been very excited about snow.
lovely table and chairs masha'Allah.
ebay is fab, eh!

is all that wood going then merry!?!?!?!


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