Monday, January 02, 2006

My house is a mess. Shelves have fallen due to the sheer mass of crap that I acquire thinking that one day it will be useful. I don't hoard but I can't afford to buy things twice so I make sure that useful looking things stay. But seeing as my ceilings are caving in I think I will just have to get rid of it all. Ebay!! Hmmm... can you sell pieces of scrap paper on Ebay? Let's give it a try...

What else? Dyson has done a complete halt on crawling and instead has figured out it is easier to roll everywhere. So that's what he does. He rolls. From one end of the room to the other. All day. Like a spinning top. On crack.

Boss will be four years old on Sunday (8th) and this comes with its own problems. Not for us but for family who are distraught that I really do NOT celebrate birthdays in any shape or form and am refusing all cards for him this year. It was OK when he was younger and didn't understand, but now he is getting older I want to make sure I don't start something his memory won't let me finish. Birthday celebration is not a sunnah nor a fard; it brings no barakah and had it been something worth doing I am sure Allah and his messenger (saw) would have mentioned it. Instead we get two Eids which have relevance. Celebrating the self isn't really a noble thing anyway is it?

And I think this ties in with my ponderings on how to incorporate instilling rhythm in our year with making sure I don't begin an innovation in religion. There is a difference being on the outside looking in, and being in the centre of things. Still working on that. But I think I have concluded in my head that my rhythm should be centred on the Islamic calendar and other things highlighted without ceremony, rather than start a load of celebrations that ultimately have no endorsement from on High, so to speak.

I would still like to concentrate on the seasons and elements and mark the solstice of the various times of year but not as a pagan LOL.

And birthdays too. I will say "you are four now" but that's it. No glorification. No inculcating a thing which has no meaning in the diyn. Definitely no presents. And the hardest part will be for my family who think that just because they do something that I have to do it as well. But as this is a two-way street I will save celebrating birthdays for when they see fit to celebrate Ramadan. Yeah... ....

So there you have it. I have one boy on the threshold on boyhood and one boy breakdancing from morning to evening.

He's really rather good at it. Might try it and see if it helps me to lose weight....


At 9:12 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Urgh, I am *so* with you on the mess issue. (unforunately)
Mine is more a symptom of dh being at home for so long and me completely loosing my routine.
I've got a load of crap that I'd ebay if I had the time to
1) figure out how and register
2)Go round photographing my crap and guessing how much it weighed.

At 10:41 pm, Blogger sanika said...

Salaam , check this out re the clutter.It's for home-educatots & their particular type of clutter!.

At 10:41 pm, Blogger sanika said...

i mean home-educators!


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