Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What have we done today

Read lots of dinosaur books and things on Roman soldiers. The guy at the museum dressed as a Roman soldier sparked a fair bit if interest and it's unbelievable how many questions he asks about everything masha'allah. Really hard to *stop* him learning. So might run with the Roman theme for a bit. Seems a shame to not make the most of this current enthusiasm and Rome should not be covered in just one day ;-)

Then we set up a nature table, or rather a corner of the table for nature. It's a bit sparse now. Hopefully build that up to be rather a nice corner insha'allah. Made a pot garden - complete with grass seed (hope it grows), pond and stones. Insha'allah will put the "tree" in at some point.

Then we observed our car door seed, and it has been growing nicely (took about seven weeks I'd say), so we jotted down our observations in our notebook journal.

Then we are starting another observation by chopping the top of a carrot and seeing if it will grow. If it does then it will lead onto yet another observation of watching the carrot grow in a tube (insha'allah) and if not, then we will watch the decomposition process :P We also logged this in our journal.

Then we played a fishing game where all the fish have points and you have to add the points up afterwards and unfortunately I won (it was an accident!) and this had a very sad Boss. I asked him "are you really upset that I won??!" and he said, "Yes. It hurts me in here" and he pointed to his chest. And I said "it really hurt you?" and he said "Yes. It hurts my body". So we had a discussion and story time about winning, taking part, character, good qualities in a winner and a loser etc etc. Aw...

And now I suppose I should read more dinosaur books.

Think we may have a quiet week this week. Trying to decide if letting him loose on other peoples' kids is worth it and/or acceptable, so he is staying in until I have comtemplated it enough. It was one reason I stopped going to MudPud - things seem to run smoother when we are not there to hype everyone up (and hurt them). Need to get him to understand the power of his body in relation to other things. He is so clumsy and unaware of where his body is in relation to other people... ... sigh.


At 3:59 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

7 weeks eh? hm, might have some very large car door seed plants growing at the tip then!!

I'll give it another go, with patience this time. I threw some potatoes that I thought weren't growing into our compost heap and sure enough by the end of summer there was a lovely large potato plant growing in there. I just couldn't bring myself to dig the potatoes out though. bleugh.

As regards to Boss and other kids, I don't know what to say except I know it's harder to be the 'perpetrator's' parent than the 'victim's' parent and I think we've all been through both (Bella went through a 'being very rough' with other children time when Aaliya was born). Doesn’t make you feel any better in the situation though. I guess if it's having a negative effect on *your* relationship with him i.e. constant discipline when your out leading to tension between you then it's not worth it. But then they need to practice being around each other to learn how to interact. It is a tough one. I just wanted to stay in when Bella went through it. I think I did to a certain extent or just mixed in small enough spaces to be on top of her quickly enough.

At 5:20 pm, Blogger merry said...

I honestly never noticed him doing anything that i, or anyone who spoke to me, found offensive.

Honestly :)

And in other news, hey look, you've got educational STUFF all over your blog! ;)

At 5:26 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

I know - amazing innit. I don't think he's offensive but you know, i draw the line at slamming peoples fingers in car doors and making at least two people cry in one morning. I'm fagged out just telling him off all the time...


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