Saturday, March 26, 2005

Willy wonka cont'd....

He asked again, "Mummy, do you have a willy wonka?", I think he is just making sure he understood the ground-breaking news right. "No, darling, I don't have one" .... " don't have a willy wonka??"...."No, I don't have one" ... "Mummy .... you don't have a willy wonka?" ... "M .. Mummy does NOT have a willy wonka in any way, shape or form"... *cogs working* ..."Mummy, is your willy wonka broken??". "No. I am a girl and girls don't have willies." *Runs through to the kitchen* "DAD YOU GOT A WILLY WONKA??" *grown man replies* "Yes I have a willy wonka" *Grown man mumbles under his breathe how it's really nothing but trouble* "Ah, dat's nice".



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