Monday, March 14, 2005

You didn't get a hurricane did ya??

That's because the rule was suspended today! It actually was even an extra-nicer day than yesterday (or maybe it just felt that way because I was expecting the sky to fall in). But maybe that means it's quadrupling the effect in time for the weekend. Oo-er - better take advantage of the good times then....

Today was a lovely spring day masha'allah and I love spring a bit more than Autumn but in pretty much the same way - not too hot, not too cold, no hayfever, wasps still sleeping, leaves growing not dying, warm weather ahead and not behind us, and - the garden - the largest room in the house - is back on the agenda. GAME ON!

Took Boss for a walk, which he loves - he really likes hiking, but alas! inner-city walks are not my idea of a chilled out stroll, but seeing as Boss heavily into vehicles it seems to suit him down to the ground. Loves to go and look at smashed up/burned out cars, so pretty much living in the ideal area really.

Came back from walk and he played in the garden. Great. I suppose the lawn needs mowing soon... no problem, that is clearly hubby's domain - I ain't touching it. Everything *in* the house is my baby, and everything *out* of the house is his problem. Including rubbish.

Hubby came back extra- early (like 11:30am) to work on his pet project - he is attempting to turn a de-humidifier into an AC unit as I told him I wanted one two years ago - summers here are hell simply because I live on an A-road and opening the windows during the summer means dying from diesel inhalation at night. He also has another one which he wants to sell, so please make du'a that he manages to pull that out of the bag. He's a clever little so-and-so masha'allah. Thanks to Kdj who pointed Nas in the direction of my Hubby for washing machine work :) He some PCs for sale as well if anyone is interested??

Anyway, the downside to all this hard work is a messy kitchen. I mean, much more than usual. It's a tip. It's like a scrapyard. It's like a workshop - a dirty workshop, but I'm taking it like a grown-up, because I can go into the garden and forget about it.

Happy bunnies all round :)



At 10:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

subhan'Allah, your links are phenomenal masha'Allah.
I am so overwhelmed I haven't even clicked on any. How do all you bloggers find the time!?!?!?!
I can't even read all this stuff, let alone link it.
Can you come for roast wednesday lunch, and where do you get your chicken from?
you just have to turn up by the way, and sit, and eat insha'Allah, (if I don't burn anything that is, what are the odds!???)


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