Friday, April 29, 2005

Khadijah - Sofa

It is quite low seated but there are no cushions to come off so ideal for the kids to climb over (not really the point of having it but hey ho). Hubby looking for a new (2nd hand) set so we might also be getting rid of the other sofa too if you are interested in that? You know what that looks like - kinda a brown, but has cushions that *do* come off. V. annoying. Let me know.


At 4:09 pm, Blogger Abdul Rehman said...

Very nice.

Where's the toddler? Nice Tesco lorry.

At 5:18 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

No piccies of family for security reasons :P I've put my sofa on the internet so my friend can decide if she wants to take it off my hands - I'm not in love with it or anything and wanted the world to share ;-)

Tesco Lorry is quite nice, actually. Get them into Brand Names at a young age eh?

At 12:18 am, Blogger Abdul Rehman said...

Yeah, great idea! Just umm make sure he (I'm assuming) doesn't get to find out about Morrisons.

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Hey - Morrisons is a dirty word in this house, Mister.


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