Sunday, April 24, 2005

LOL got this from Merry's site :P

If you want to see my full results (which don't fit nicely in this template and I can't be bothered making them fit):

Trait snapshot: clean, organized, dislikes chaos, semi neat freak, perfectionist, traditional, realist, fits in most places, enjoys managing others, risk averse, good at saving money, prudent, respects authority, high self control, hard working, does not like to stand out, follows the rules, finisher, resilient, takes precautions, cautious, honest, unfamiliar with the dark side of life, practical, dutiful


At 9:54 pm, Blogger merry said...

" fits in most places...takes precautions"... hmmmmm...... ;)

At 11:34 am, Blogger khadijah said...

hey, it's all happening on your blog!
u know u are welcome to stroll round any time to my doorstep.
we have a pj party everyday.

At 11:50 am, Blogger khadijah said...

messy, irritable, depressed, fragile, worrying, emotionally sensitive, does not like to lead, phobic, weird, suspicious, low self control, paranoid, frequently second guesses self, dependent, unproductive, introverted, weak, strange, unassertive, submissive, familiar with the dark side of life, feels invisible, rash, vain, anti-authority, heart over mind, low self concept, disorganized, not good at saving money, avoidant, daydreamer, unadventurous

sounds pretty accurate, eh, esp the weird and strange!!!!!!!

At 11:51 am, Blogger khadijah said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:21 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

They could have just said "Debbie - you're a plodder" and "Khadijah - have a hug" :P

At 1:47 pm, Blogger merry said...

Oh blimey... K, clearly you are not having a hard enough time. Shall i allow you to adopt Ammi???? ;)

But really... hugs :)


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