Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Right, well today: cooked, played with doh, went in the garden, went to Aunty H.O.'s mansion, gerotted her children, got a playhouse from her, and I have a bit more craze for Polos and mashed potatoe.

On a medical note my arm looks like the 50 pence bruise has actually turned into a collapsed vein, my unborn seems to have developed a penchent for raving to unheard music and my ears have tinnitus, which I'd ask for du'a for please.

I'm getting quite clucky now about the prospect of a new sprog, so I suppose that's an improvement in my maternal state. I need to buy stuff - don't know what, but I think a sling might be needed and a buggy board. A trip to Kiddicare it is then insha'allah :)

Boss loves his new playhouse that was generously donated by B and her Mum. Boss saw B's dad coming in the garden and flew into the house "Ders a man in our garden!!!" - "that's B's dad - go and salam him"... "Salam, brudder!". Apparently he likes B's dad because he has nice shoes.


And he likes B too - she is a "very, very nice girl - you know dat?". Yeah, well stop taking chunks out of her then. Aw, he did ask B very nicely if he could come again - he's never done that before. I think he liked the "park" sized garden very much - certainly knocks our strip of grass into a cocked hat!! Masha'allah.

The girl next door has now fallen in love with the playhouse and sits in it ordering Boss to the shops for eggs and milk, which M willingly does - he is the man after all and that's what Daddy's do. Aw. Then he "comes home" and she sits him down and they "eat". It's so sweet, masha'allah.

He told me today before he went and helped his Dad build the house that, "Mummy, my eyes are very tired, but my legs are not tired and my gob isn't tired"... hmm

Well, I'm tired - and I need some mashed potatoe...


At 7:52 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

That's very funny cos my dh only wears sandals!

At 8:11 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Well certainly made an impression with Boss!


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