Sunday, April 03, 2005

OK so the Pope died

... and my parents and sister came for the day. Boss fell over and really damaged his elbow joint very badly. I did a lot of washing up. My Mum bought me new net curtains for the front room (*ahhhh so much cleaner-looking than the last ones - Khadijah have a look next time you pass - do they look better?*), and some more baby clothes (even though I told her NOT to), but these are yellow things from Next and a green ensemble from some non-descript baby-shop. She also bought Boss a new coat from Next. Hey - if it weren't for her my son would be dressed in Poundstretcher sell-offs the whole year! Ooh my Mum also bought me some ceramic pots for the garden and a conifer for one of the pots (*puts fist in air and says "YES" like Boss does*), gave us a tonne of seeds which they bought at Aldi for 29p!! (yes I did mention we went to Notcutts and left a pint of blood behind as payment for *our* seeds, didn't I???) and Oooooh I have some chocolate sitting on the bed too. Wait there.

Nice. And she also got us some lovely bed sheets. Aw. Bless her. And she bought Boss some cars. Aw.

Boss showed them all his LeapPad. Very good. They weren't allowed to touch it; no. They had to "sit there and watch me". Hmm.

Hubby watered the garden and we pretty much stayed outside all day. I'm pooped.


At 7:24 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

He's died?....Right I'm not visiting my dh's Italian grandma for a few weeks then. She was sobbing to me on the phone the other day that he was ill.

Sounds like a very nice visit.

At 7:39 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

So you havent sprogged yet I take it? Come on - I'm cluck central!!


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