Friday, April 01, 2005

Last night I hardly slept; in fact from 4am onwards I didn't sleep a wink. My face ached with cold, my bump ached with, well, baby, and once or twice Boss hollered for me (you've heard him holler so you know it's not ignorable), which was quite annoying since he asked for his 'dummy back in his gob' when it was actually sitting beside afore-mentioned gob ready for immediate consumption and there was no need for my assistance at all. Grr.

So then we all 'wake up' at 7:30am and begin our merry dance of the day. By 11am both he and I are comatose - the type of tired when you can bounce off bricks walls and impale garden forks in your feet and not feel it for hours. I tried my hand at gardening. Well, actually I tried my hand at clipping some stems off a shrub and re-planting them along a really thin area along our only line of defense against our neighbours. Who are nice people - ish - but have a habit of accosting my husband everytime he is in the garden and backbiting their in-laws for hours on end... which is haram, but he is such a nice man he will never tell them to call someone who cares, which means he hides in the house instead. Or tries to. You know, whenever he sees them he has a bad habit of muttering (to himself) "Oh God!" with such heartfelt sentiment that I feel really sorry for him. But yesterday Boss saw them walk in their garden too and Hubby said he felt a tad ashamed when Boss took one look at them and went "Oh God!" and trundled his truck to the other end of the garden. So I figure we need a new line in defense. If they can't see us they can't interact with us ;-)

What do you mean, yeah right?

Then we had the Mudpud thing, which I nearly didn't goto as Boss had started to develop a glaze in his eye which I felt could signal a tantrum later on, but we went anyway and he didn't do himself injustice - he remained in a good mood all day masha'allah. The craft thing went OK - he actually did some gluing and sticking which I was terribly proud of since I didn't have to force him to do it. Then he ran in circles for two hours. Then he kind of went everywhere Adam went since he is his hero. Then MummyAdam managed to get Boss to thread some pompoms on a thread (good grief I must hire her - and I do think she would make an excellent mother-in-law to my dear son :P). Then, the absolute best bit of the day for Boss, was when B, all by herself without co-ercion, said "M can have one of my crisps if he likes". Twice. Wow. What a nice girl. Boss looks up to her a lot too. She doesn't cry if he tries to gerot her. Which is always an advantage for a Boss friend.

I am surprised he didn't stalk Ammi as he pretty much talks about her all day, but I think he is playing hard to get for a while.

Then we came home and he acted like a hooligan in the garden with the nice 6 year old girl from next door who also doesn't mind his antics, but he trampled my flowers and laughed like a lunatic. No reasoning with him. *rolls eyes*


At 8:36 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Aaaahhh it's so nice to see that your child behaves even when you haven't got their arm twisted behind their back!! It's nice when other people notice too so thanks for blogging that.

At 8:54 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

No problem. You just keep the crisps rolling and we're all happy bunnies. Boss only ever has crisps at Eid - honest, so to be offered them mid-Eid-season was a wide-eyed-staring-in-shock moment. ... I had to wrestle the bag off him though :P


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