Sunday, April 10, 2005

Unborn is going MENTAL. Like jumping-jacks on crack or something. Give it a rest - funnily enough goes very still when I want to show it to Boss. Aw, think I am going to have to prepare Boss for the harsh realities that new baby might bring - you know - that he might be knocked off the perch or at least have to share it. And I must tell him that Mummy might cry alot and possibly go a bit loopy for a while as well :-S


Slings - Kdj when can I get the lowdown on all that; I am so useless at domestic things and making decisions in general. Would like a sling I can breastfeed in leaving arms totally free to catch a three-year-old with. Plus must be able to sit them upright in it. Is that do-able??

Anyway, maybe I'll give Kiddicare a miss - just makes me want to spend more money.

Cluck cluck


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