Friday, May 27, 2005

Boss screams

... like an absolute girl when he sees bugs flying. And I have noticed that there is no discernable difference whether he is being chased by a greenfly or a horde of wasps - the blood-curdling scream is the same.

He ran into the house very proudly today to "show me something", so out I went to see: well done, you have found a Green shield bug (Palomena prasina) which are a harmless, leaf-coloured insect wrongly assumed to be beatle, but who actually belong to another groups of insects, the Hemiptera [yes HomeEducation *is* rubbing off on me, isn't it?!]. And did you know, oh son of mine, that in Autumn they turn a greeny-bronze to concur with the change in leaf colours, lay their eggs [which we have already found] on the underside of leaves and... hey wait ... what the... get your head out of MY BUM... what... stop it!! stop screaming like that, people will think I am hurting you....

Yes, these bugs not only fly but make a rather loud "whirring" noise to boot. Shock, horror. No, I don't like them either.... *shudders*

I'm tired. Sleeping is even hurting now - not fair - was actually my favourite pass-time and now I can't enjoy it :P I turned over in bed this morning and my joints are so badly aligned that when they all snapped my together I actually sounded like a fire-cracker! It would have been cool had it not hurt as well. Perhaps I should hire myself out at weddings - would save the Pakistanis a fortune in fireworks... I could just stand there, and at someone's command try to stand up - and hey presto! instant noise... might just be a nifty income for a while...


At 9:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam ,wow Debbie not long left and you can breathe a sigh of relief inshallah.If there is anything i can do then let me know.Also can we cook for you when baby comes..If so what do you all eat?email me ,Love Maryam.Oh and asian weddings do not pay well already tried

At 7:48 pm, Blogger merry said...

Shriek - scary bug!

At 5:38 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

yes, cooking...I can do some of that. I don't do an awful lot of things that start with onions garlic and ginger though and the ones I do aren't all that great. How well does pasta go down in your house? you could always tell boss that you are 'sampling the foods of the world'??!!!


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