Monday, June 06, 2005

Before you ask

No. Still firmly wedged in there.

And even though no one asks: hurting, cranky, p*ssed off and iritable. I just want to hibernate until the unborn hatches. I know why animals leave the pride and birth in a private den - socialising with family is just such a pain in the neck. Little things are rubbing me up the wrong way. Play-doh is sending me into neural over-load. Someone looking at me makes me want to rive their eyes out of their sockets. I have less bounce than I did a month ago (and I thought I'd hit rock bottom then!). Cute Boss things make me roar with rage. I'm pacing (well - can you pace with a dead leg??) up and down; nothing is giving me pleasure or satisfaction other than the thought of labour. I am fantasising about it. Poor family think I'm being a cow but they don't understand - I want to go in a hole and not emerge til it's over with - I have this primordial urge to slink away and not be bothered with anything above drinking water occasionally...

Yes, perhaps I do need some Prozac, or maybe I really do need my *family* around me to do what they do in everything other society on God's earth - TAKE OVER FOR A WHILE.

Poor Hubby trying his very best, but Boss cranky through illness and he ends up instead refereeing our brawls (which are increasing with alarming regularity) and looking worried (but silent) in the corner. There's something to be said about marrying a man who's been married before - they know when to keep quiet...

I do marvel at his restraint and patience, masha'allah. Any other time of the year and he'd probably pitch in and take the bitchfest to all out sulkfest or war... but bless him, he really is acknowleding my pitiful state with graciousness and being very placid and forebearing. May Allah reward him. Amin.

Insha'allah my Mum is arriving on the 16th - Khadijah can consider herself off duty then :P Actually dunno what time she will be arriving so consider yourself on-duty until evening time, eh? Jzk

Is it AWorld this Friday?


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