Thursday, June 02, 2005


Boss got a cold - dua please. Jazakillah for offers of food, ladies, but my DH is more than capable of cooking. In fact, after tomorrow I think I'm going to insist he takes over the role of food-provision as I just am so tired that I could use my maternity leave right now - except, oh wait - I don't get maternity leave, because all-round slavery isn't real work and I don't get PAID and I'm invisible and I don't do anything all day... if any of you have been detecting extra-narky tones to these blogs then well done - yes I am at that tetchy stage. Sorry if you have rung up and received hostile vibes. I'm not hostile - just miserable and hormonal and in pain.

What else?

Aw, Boss calls "Mitsubishi" Mister Bushy. I haven't eaten properly for a while and my blood count has gone down :(
Need to remember to take the iron pills. Need to remember where I put them. Need to remember to remember to do that.



At 9:34 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

iron pills mmmmm best taken with fybogel!
9 days left eh? any twinges yet?
And the cooking thing...if you let us cook for a bit then your dh can take over when we're done and you get twice the time off. bonus

At 1:44 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Jazakillah for the offer, but he'll cook for as long as it takes - last time it was nearly three months because I was such a snivelling wreck :S

No twinges, just a lot of pelvic pain and iritability and all round non-stop aching/hurting non-walkability. Life sucks so please make du'a. Boss ill, weather crappy WE HAVE CABIN FEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.


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