Friday, June 10, 2005


Rumi and the Path of Love Event

Programme Details

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Date: Sunday 3rd July 2005

Doors open: 11:00
Programme starts: 12:00
Programme Ends: 5:00pm

Muhammad Isa Waley
Abdal Hakim Murad
Shems Friedlander

Ticket Price: £12 per ticket

Bazaar and stalls selling books, art and artifacts during the day. You are invited to come early and browse around in the Bazaar and sample some Turkish tea, coffee and baklava.

Lunch will be served at 1:30pm (Ticket price does not include cost of food).


At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Umm Humairaa said...

it wasn't until they started all this sex ed business that soo many teenage pregnancies happened and stds became soo abundant. If you look back to before they introduced sex ed there were very few pregnancies compared to today! It's a complete joke if you ask me, the more info they give out the worse the situation gets!

At 7:01 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Well, as an ex-teacher who had to teach sex education all I'll say is this: all information is on offer *except* the option of abstinence, and when I taught my girls (Year 9) that the only 100% Safe Sex is no sex at all (even using condoms carries a risk) they looked at me like I'd revealed something new. Then I realised - to them it was! What is taught in schools is how not to get caught out with pregnancy and if you do then how you get rid of it. Sex education is taught in a complete moral vacuum with only secular ideologies promoted at all.

In the USA abstinence programs have been taught through Churches and schools, ie. that you don't engage in sexual intercourse before marriage, and I think I am right in saying that they are the only country in the world whose teenage pregnancy rate has either dropped or stabilised in the last few years.

What I find quite disturbing is that a friend of mine who was in training to be a primary school teacher said that there is a video for primary sex education which actually shows real intercourse between a man and a woman. Now, not only is it haraam for us to watch that ourselves (she said she had to lower her gaze the entire lesson!), but equally unpermitted to show that to a child under our care. In fact, in child abuse cases it is considered an abuse to show a child any form of pornography at all and carries a prison sentence, yet here is the "State" doing this without even informing parents that this is going on - and if the child didn't tell the parent I am sure they would have no idea! They don't consult parents on this, they just do it.

The affects of watching pornography on the human consciousness are only starting to be understood, but I am sure the affect it has on children far outweighs the affect it has on adults...

Anyway - yet another good reason to keep them at home *rolls eyes*

At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Umm Humairaa said...

Too right!


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