Monday, August 08, 2005

I have too much dust in my house. I can see no surface. I am upset by this. People have started writing me messages in it. Bad messages. Like "clean me" and "also available in glass". I am not amused by this. I haven't cooked a meal since before Jaws was born. I don't like cooking and am not too bothered by this fact, but am starting to feel a bit like a shirker of duties *pulls face* so will have to cook something soon. *Grinds teeth*. I am displeased by this fact also.

What's wrong with jam sandwiches, anyway? It's a nutritious, well-rounded meal covering many of the food groups - protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre.... what more do you want. Plus it doubles as a dessert 'cos it's sweet. Any more complaints and I'll be taking the Aboriginal approach and offering the British alternative to Witchetty grubs and grass for main meals... *muffles evil laugh*

Educationally we have done zip. As usual. Probably will never happen. If Boss turns 17 and is still riding his tractor making diesel noises somebody please save him and turn me into the police. Thanks.

My sister informs me she has taken to wall-climbing as a hobby. But she didn't even *try* to climb the living room wall when I asked her to show me... Parents were here on Sunday. Pretty basic, straight-forward occasion. I didn't give them witchetty grubs and bark, however. No. They had oven chips. And ketchup. Ketchup... very good source of lycopene ... and sugar... another important food group. Kinda.

Anyhoo, nothing much to add. Well, there is but my brain resembles scrambled egg and I can't remember what else I was going to rattle on about. Off to see Hannah's blog...


At 11:19 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

urgh cooking.

In fact when I broke it down into what part was the most detestable I decided it was the *deciding* what to cook part. "will everyone eat this?", "do I have all the ingredients or will I have to blow another £20 at Tescos?".

If someone TOLD me what to cook each day and gave me all the ingredients then it would be much easier thank you very much.

I am concerned about the lack of Baraka in my cooking as I probably scowl at least once during each meals preparation. When we do accasionally get takeout my dh moans "they'll be no baraka in this food" I tell him "they'd be a lot less if you'd made me cook".

I want to know simpler recipes. Please.

At 4:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

open tin, whatever you have in cupboard.
add bit of salt herbs or spice.
stir- and yes, blessings do work, it transforms a meal!!!

deb, can you tell me about phenylalanine please?

At 4:51 pm, Anonymous minky said...

Phenylalanine- the source of all evil in the universe... :P

At 4:54 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

LOL at kdjah.

hhhhhmmmmm wouldn't work in my house I'm afraid. All I'd hear all day is "I'm hungry".

At 5:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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