Friday, September 02, 2005

Went Drs. this pm

and I realised just why Allah (swt) may have seen fit not to give me a car. I have road rage. Well, "rage" is a bit strong. I have road bitchiness. Actually that isn't even true. I have road-won't-put-up-with-peoples'-crap. Whats the word for that? Anyway, I have vivid memories of how I used to behave behind a wheel many years ago, and to be honest it's not behaviour I wish to inflict on my unsuspecting soul nor on my children. How I have lived this long without having a baseball bat wrapped round my head God only knows, but today's little incident has made me question whether I should be behind a ever wheel again.

Imagine, if you know this place, North Street. A one-way street wide enough for a car to travel. Some people think that double-yellow lines are merely decoration and/or only apply to other, less crippled people. (Not true). Two such cars had parked on the double yellow lines across the road from the legal parking area, thus meaning that access to oncoming traffic was restricted. Not a problem unless someone from the legal parking area wanted to open a door. And put her kid in the back seat. And take a long time putting the seatbelt on. And wipe the projectile vomit up. And make sure the sun wasn't in everyone's eyes.

This was enough to have on woman hurl abuse at me for taking too long and holding up traffic.

Well, excuse me. I don't remember seeing a sign that I can't open my frigging door and make sure my children are legally restrained, but I DID see two effing huge yellow lines running down the street. If you have a problem with access then take it up with the idiots who can't understand basic road signs and call the police.

I need to learn some manners do I? Who was it that cursed the Muslim lady while thinking your husband would have driven off just in time to save you an ear-bashing then? That's good manners is it??

Yes, actually you are right, I do need to learn some manners, and you need to lose weight, so we're even.

Well, actually you are right I could use losing a few pounds myself, but do you see fat on my eyelids?? Please. I may be fat, but you ugly. I can lose weight.

Anyway, after I stuck two fingers up at her I realised by the look of horror on my dh's face just what I had done. I can't help it. My mouth engages before my brain. It's like an itch that you scratch - my intolerance of crap is nanoseconds and I don't back down. That's dangerous. It was shameful that I even answered, let alone answered with such venom, that woman.

Benefit to the soul: nil
Benefit to my children: nil
Benefit to my husband: nil
Benefit to the world: nil
Benefit to the image of Muslims everywhere: -100

Satisfaction with inyerface takethat: 10/10

Very bad. *tut tut*


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