Thursday, January 19, 2006

I really miss my brain

Damn this dizziness. Illness sucks. Du'a and vibes this way please.

What was I going to blog. Oh wait, I can't remember - I have no brain and all the intellectual finesse of a jelly-fish. Wibble. *SIGH*

Oh yeah - any ideas of an Islamic get-together on a weekly-fortnightly basis for some group work and/or general sing-song play-time du'a-Islamic input??

Does anybody have the title of a good Qur'an for children? Perhaps an illustrated one. It would have to be in English.

Also, anybody suggest a beautifully illustrated Arabian Nights in hard copy, again in English for kids?

Finally for all of you using Holland & Barratt's Echinacea drops - they contain alcohol, as do most other brands which are "drops" and not tablets. They draw the stuff out with the alcohol and then remove most of it, but even with the best methods a residue of alcohol is present, and unless the droppers have "alcohol free" on them (which they don't) then assume they do contain it. The tablets are made with gelatin and another brand contains phenylalanine/Aspartame. The only Echinacea I found there was a syrup which seems to be OK.

OK. I need to brain-dump some things in the side-bar.


At 9:13 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

You'll have to ask Sanika but I haven't seen the particular ones she gave me in Holland and Barratt since. Maryam has some fizzy ones for the kids which are OK and some Echinacea lolly pops and all the stuff in the Health food shop in the old arcade is OK.

And it is really brill so I hope you find something.

At 9:59 pm, Blogger sanika said...

Salaam , the Echinecea in vegetable glycerine is totally alcohol free...from H&B & can get in health food shops.The tablets from asda are o.k , best is the veg glycerine , fizzy & the lollipops.Insh'allah in 2 years i will be making my own tincture!

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

The ones wihtout alocohol all had aspartame/phenylalanine and all the tablets had gelatin. Havent seen lollipops!! good idea. Must look for them.

THIS is the one I found that seems OK but tastes "funny" to Boss.

At 7:12 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

I saw some tablets in Boots today that were OK. Not Boots own brand but I can't remember which brand it was, all the other stuff had alcohol in it, but I need to check the fiqh anyway because Robinsons squash uses alcohol as a 'carrier' and they have been deemed halal for Hanafis, as is wine vinegar. The tincture that Sanika loaned me didn't have any 'nasties' in it, but like I said I haven't seen that one since.


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