Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jaws feeling a bit grotty. Very sleepy and pukey. I got a good sleep-in this morning though :D

Had a morning in the garden. A bit odd being outside after virtually months of very little play out there. But it was good and appreciated due to its rarity. Played on his tractor, in the playhouse, then DH came home and they gardened. Well they ripped a lot of crap out of the ground. Was thinking it might be nice to have a bit of allotment after all... must try to convince Dh of this though.... hmmmm ...

Anyway, the revelation of the day has been how neurotic I am making my son when he finished helping his Dad he looked at me and said "My hands have MUD on them" like it was the worse thing on earth. So I said, "Well its OK - you're gardening - we'll clean them when you get in insha'allah" to which he replied, "No, clean them NOW - I don't like it". Crumbs he's three year old boy acting like a forty year old woman. A forty year old neurotic woman.

Then DH told all the things that were dangerous and/or dirty in the garden and it was the bubblewrap moment all over again - I said "You're frightening him - he daren't play", and it's true. When we warn children about our adult obsessions of keeping him clean and healthy we are really instilling a sense of fear into him.

Anyway, saw a caterpillar a dead snail and cat poo. Good stuff. No rats. Oh well, there's always the field trip to Aunty K's garden for that :P


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