Monday, March 20, 2006

First day of Spring!

Can you tell?? Hm...

HV was supposed to turn up today but oops I didn't hear her knocking on the door and she just left a calling card instead. Damn. I really enjoy meeting up with community nurses as I find their insight into child-rearing invaluable, and as Jaws is quite clearly underweight I am indebted to their weighing scales as well. *rolls eyes*

Right. Did circle time, read LW&W - Aslan died, Aslan lives. Boo- hoo then hurrah. Good stuff. Am wondering what book to do with him next. Have an idea it might Charlotte's Web - I've never read it - is it any good - age appropriate etc?? Waiting for 3rd April when Narnia is released on DVD - rented it from Amazon - hope it goes down better than the dinosaurs. Sleeping *much* better now that all trace of dinosaurs are gone.

I am fed up of his assing about. I have had just about enough of it. He needs more direction. We have decided to do a whale project. He's vey interested in whales all of a sudden (they are the BIGGEST thing on earth etc etc). So instead of dinosaurs we'll do that insha'allah.

Made the baskets for the flowers today. Still needs a few finishing touches, but here they are, one for my Mum and one fo DH's Mum. Mother's Day *check*:

Ready to be filled with flower and choccies.

Then Boss did Duplo. Being very inventive with his vehicle-making: This is a street-cleaner which sucks the dirt into the back of the trash can.

Until Genghis Khan - He of the Search and Destroy missions found it:

I had intended to more with him today, but too much head pain interferred with anything productive. Insha'allah perhaps tomorrow...


At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Tasmiya said...

Charlotte's Web is a treasure. I hadn't read it either until I started reading it to my five year old - we both enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommended.

At 1:52 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Charlotte's web was one of my ultimate favs when I was little. I tried to read it to B but she didn't like it :-( But then I remember reading it myself so maybe she's too young? I cried at the end every time.

At 10:22 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Charlotte's Web is a great book. Read it to Jax when she was a bit smaller. You've got another 6 Chronicles of Narnia to get through too. If LW&W went down well the others will too. Still readin' em......again

At 9:31 am, Blogger Elder Faery said...

Someone needs to do me a blog ring family tree. I mean it's obvious yous in the family, F.Dinners, but how can you be Jax's dad? And, D., If you are looking for a really good about Roald Dahl (the rich man's JK Rowling some say...(as in JK Rowling is the poor man's Roald Dahl)) 'Danny the Champion of the World' is magic (and teaches you a lot about poaching from those that have more than enough to share..but don't). xxx


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