Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well, no group again and Boss was very sad, but it was such a lovely day and a great chance to get in the garden after such a long time. The garden is in a MESS and that will take a bit of clearing and de-cluttering.

We perused the scene and saw what was growing. The daffodils are up, although small this year - Boss very animated about them ;-) And the bluebells have sprung up too. We cut a couple of branches off the trees and placed them in our season corner. I showed him the buds and so insha'allah it will be nice to observe the leaves opening in front of his eyes. He was very anxious to know if they would grow and whether we would be squishing them. Relieved to learn we may replant them if they grow.

Budding branches... in case you don't know what they look like...

Daffodils in situ

Stuff growing

Boss got a little playmate today in the form of his brother. I dug out Boss' first shoes and although they are a tad too big they did the job and I put Jaws in the walker outside.

First shoes.... aw...

The great outdoor adventure

Boss was chuffed, "I have someone to PLAY with now!" Jaws sat there blinking in the sunshine not knowing what to make of it all. Then grinned and took off, skittling up and down the garden with gusto. Yikes.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

They ran up and down the garden a few times and hid round the shed and Boss showed his brother where he parks his tractor and all the things in his garden. He taught him some letters of the alphabet and did big brother stuff.

Springtime and gusty, brisk whether is the right time for bubbles and I unveiled a pack of Tesco bubbles and bubble-blowers that I bought the other day to squeals of pleasure!

Loving it

Jaws was a bit unsure of them and sat looking terrified and bemused at the stream of floating missiles aimed at his head. Eyes like saucers and a trembling bottom lip. Kept looking at Boss for re-assurance - but he was giggling so Jaws was OK. It's so sweet to see them bonding.

Then as Jaws slept in the house I made Boss a streamer out of branches and ribbon and he ran up and down the garden with it.


Assing about

Thereafter we placed it on the hanging basket frame and watched it blow in the wind which was quite relaxing.

With some extra ribbon we decided to spruce up a tree and decorate it with some happy spring colours. Boss liked it and in the sunshine they really shimmered. Beautiful masha'allah.

Then we had lunch (OK Jax :P) whilst we looked at the budding branches and he talked non-stop about dinosaurs.

We read some more LW&W where spring arrives! Spring! Good, looks like I'm planning all this rather than just bumbling along. Next chapter I think we actually meet Aslan and I can't wait ;-)

Planning ahead (OK OK yes I know - planning ahead I know - scrape yourself off the ceiling again), I got him to paint some egg cartons yellow. Can you guess what we're going to do with them???

These look green, but they are Crayola yellow

Well he can't so it may give him something to think about for our next daffodil session. He painted some dinosaur cards which I would like him to finish off with oil pastels when they're dry, I showed him how to stencil with the cut outs, which he did nicely and then he painted a car and made a mess.

I'm still having fun with my new web tool of uploading video to the blog as you can see. Unfortunately my memory stick has hardly any space so I'm on the lowest possible setting for video AND photos meaning the film is grainy. Sorry. If I upgrade to a gig memory stick it would be better. Or if I can land a camera with 7 megapixels instead of 3.2 that would be good too. Never mind. These snippets of film always play better a second viewing as the film has already cached and doesn't need to download straight from the web. So go on - watch the streamers again! LOL

Got GP appointment tomorrow. See what she says... or even if she carts me away :S

H.O. I still have your books which I intended to return today. Do you want me to drop them off sometime?

Anyway, I have some lovely textured paper/blind roll which is perfect for soft pastels which I can't wait to try - whether he's interested in it or not. Might broach the subject of still art with him and see what we get - guessing a few squiggly lines and representations of dinosaurs... might do some dyed eggs for a test run then do a batch for mother's day, as family are coming down on Mothering Sunday insha'allah and it will be a nice blast from the past to dunk some eggs ... I have red cabbage and onion skins and old teabags. I cannot find white eggs for love nor money. Not that I offered love for them....

And bedtime is becoming somewhat tiresome as Boss starts screaming like he's on fire as soon as I'm downstairs. I know I should immediately rush to his aid and cuddle him until he's better etc etc, but I'm peeved at this sudden onset of tears and I just scream at him instead. Baaaaad mother. Yes I know, I know. I can hear the therapist talking about these moments thirty years from now. *sigh*

Must try harder....


At 7:58 pm, Anonymous Jax said...

Excellent convention usage :)

Incredibly impressive day as well - my two like bubbles too.

At 8:50 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Bad mother my arse.......

Love the mini Davros...All you need's a Tardis now.

Bubbles are good. Like bubbles. Save some for me as you're adoptin' me! - only half house trained but good with mud 'n Carol needs a break!

At 1:00 am, Blogger Hattigrace said...

We have daffodils here, too! Aren't they lovely?

At 9:01 am, Blogger Elder Faery said...

I hope they don't cart you away. Some days your blog is the only thing that spurns me into action and out of the cloud in my head. However..this carting away thing...Would you be, like, driven onto this rickety open cart with wonky wooden wheels by a 'Baldrick' lookalike, with an oversized goitre, hitting you with a stick? Would there be, like, a couple of scabby faced peasants also on the cart who would gurn at you all the way and villagers throwing rotten tomatoes at the cart as it went?

Well. On a selfish note. Surely you will still be able transmit your blog even if they do come along with their white coats...

Thankyou for a brilliant post. Your babies look and sound soooooooooooooo cute. And the fuzzy thing with the actually reminds of the old cine films and protects the looks good.

At 2:34 pm, Blogger Allie said...

Sounds like you're doing lovely stuff at the moment.

I remember that it was mega tiring doing things like outdoor play and painting when I had an active baby and a four year old.

Hope the bedtime problem abates. Been there too...

At 4:48 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

books - did you like them? Drop em in whenever, I'm not in a huge rush for them.


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