Monday, March 13, 2006

The grass has grown huge - it says quick growing grass but woah! Boss thought elephants could hide in it. He's right. It looked like elephant grass.

So he gave it a haircut. The smell of freshly mown lawns gave a nice reminder of summer. Such a fresh smell.

Checked our seeds. It's like living in the land of the monster plants. Yesteray nothing and today:

We read some more LW&W and have reached where Aslan is mentioned and found out the the Queen is actually a Jinn. So already Boss doesn't like her and is pooing his pants. Good stuff. Can't wait to meet the lion.

Did some number work today, counted in tens, worked through number sequences and worked out what numbers put together would be. He gets it but 51 was fivety-one and 31 was threety-one, which is cute.

Flew the kite. He liked it. Froze our bits off. Didn't like that.

Received a BNIB flower press from eBay today (£3!!!) and a snowsuit for Jaws (£1!!!). God I love eBay. I still think that he is more likely to flatten bugs and worms in it than flowers but time will tell. Also managed to catch a spider in our bug viewer and spent a good while watching it close up. Very good.


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