Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's Tuesday is it? All tha days seem to blur into one. It feels like a Friday or thereabouts.

Precipitating outside today so a good excuse to stay in - well a good excuse to give a four year old because we were staying in anyway.

Started our daffodil theme off today with me saying "now it is spring" and Boss gave me a funny look and said, "Mum - it's *freezing* - it's winter". Goddamn this climate change - it's messing with my Waldorf. Anyway, ignoring him and plodding on, it is spring and everything is growing and reviving and the sun is giving us longer days alhamdulillah, and isn't that wonderful. The answer to that is "yes". So pick a daffodil *he did* and what do you notice, that's right, it has no wheels. Anything else? Lions *don't* eat daffodils, no. Anything else? No we are not going outside. Keep looking. Yes! Well done it is yellow - what a beautiful colour! Do you notice anything else? It smells - that is the scent of the flower! Good work! What else? No you can't eat them either. Yes I'll get you something to eat in a minute.

I had intended to dissect the flower and show him all the bits, but lets face it he's too young and it niggled me in the back of my mind to show him something so destructive at such a tender age, so we just observed the flower and I pointed out the main bits as he went "oh yeah!" like it was the first time he noticed them - you know, petals OH YEAH!!! pollen, stamen, stigma, and then to consolidate our appreciation of the beauty of the daffodil form we started the craftwork I would like to keep going over the next few weeks using different materials and techniques.

Magic Maize

Gummed paper

Oil pastel... OK I did these in the hope he'd want to do some too, but he didn't, he was all daffodilled out at this point.

Then we chose a flower and squished it in the flower press. He was horrified. I had to assure him the plant was half dead anyway and would not grow anymore, but all he kept saying was "it's not NICE to squish things!!" - fitra, eh? Anyway, all will be unveiled in a few days time insha'allah.

Under here lieth the dead flower, squished and squashed and wracked in the torments of a flowery hell... wa ha aha hahahahahahahaargh.... eBay - BNIB £3!!!

We read more of LW&W - Aslan is very near and Boss is wetting himself with anticipation.

Then in the afternoon we raided Re-Store and got a load of bits of useful-looking craft things and material. Ruth has inspired me and I would like to do some material collages - yes of spring - why do you ask?? We also got some paper and BUTTONS (I love them and can think of a hundred and one things to do with them) and some old bits of yarn, lolly sticks, pipe cleaners, ribbon and cork mats. I need to go back and get the double-sided sticky tape which I forgot in my frenzy as well as some more clear cups and corrugated cardboard. And anything else I can lay my hands on really.

Since then we've role-played LW&W and zonked.


At 8:40 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Aslan rocks!! Made me look at lions in a whole new light as a kid. Still think they're special now.

At 11:51 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

yes, it is very spiritual isn't it 4D *wink*
even though the facts are wrong from my perspective.lol!!!

At 8:43 am, Blogger merry said...

Stoppit... you are putting me to shame - stoppit!!!!!

At 9:22 am, Blogger Qalballah said...


At 6:06 pm, Blogger merry said...

All this meaningful educational exchange with your child - AND you can draw! It's making me feel inadequate! :)

At 6:24 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

*blushes* aw shucks, praises indeed from Mrs. Homeschool ;-)

Used to be able to draw - can't anymore... :(


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