Saturday, April 23, 2005

US police handcuff five-year-old



How computers make kids dumb



At 10:01 pm, Anonymous writer_within said...

Ok don't agree with handcuffing...seems a little extreme however, I don't agree with children misbehaving either. I think sometimes we advocate way too much for children. (I know I am going to get a lot of flack for this unfortunate mindset). I am sure this outburst was not something that the girl found herself inclined to on a whim, neither do I think it was some sort of demonic posession. It was probably directly related to years of "eh" parenting, lack of self esteem, and general apathy. I taught kindergarten for 3 years before I myself was blessed with children and I can say I have had some incredibly interesting children, some even being violent and on anti-psychotic medication..ohh my! However, I never felt so incapable of dealing with the situation that I would call in the police. If I myself was unable to deal with it in the classroom off to the office they would go. I mean that is why most schools have a chain of command.



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