Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another day of hypermode...

... and I HATE it. I think, though that I may beginning to see a pattern. Yesterday he was just the usual angel he always is but emotions were running high. I think when he sees me very upset he internalises that and it comes out later as this manic, hyper behaviour. It's stability-based. So no pressure, then... *Sigh* I just pray that Allah protects him. Amin.

Anyway, today apart from manic, hyper Boss - it was very sunny if a bit windy and we spent most of the day in the garden again. He played cricket with his dad and managed to hit the ball so hard it went into the neighbour's garden - over a 6ft high fence and some bushes! So his dad had to ask "can I have my ball back"... which was cute, until the neighbour's decided to pretty much get in our face and spoil it all. *Sigh*

My heartburn is back - it actually woke me from my near-coma last night which is astonishing given how I knock out these days. Woke to feel my back on fire. Good job new stocks of Gaviscon had arrived that very day. Peppermint flavour this time - was getting a bit addicted to the other one :S

I'm feeling the need for more education structure again - we've been letting everything slide since the onset of good weather - and I really should plan ahead for when the baby drops and I'm too sleep-deprived to know whether I am wearing my underwear on my head or my skirts inside-out or have impaled forks in my arm to actually plan activities with him etc.

I want my Mum to live round the corner. I can't think of any other human being I would like to live so near as she is actually the only other person I would regard as useful and trustworthy - and someone I would have no problems asking for help from. I am so *English* about seeking help from other people. Especially if they have their own kids etc. But alas! she is 250 miles away and isn't budging. She asks why I don't go live up there (Cumbria). Because I'm MUSLIM and I don't like being spat at duh. Cumbria isn't actually very cosmopolitan in any shape or form. You get beaten up if you wear a different-coloured shell-suit so imagine the joy in the local's faces if they saw me wafting down the road!! There are Pakistanis and Arabs that live in Cumbria, though, but not enough of a presence to make a huge impact and not many are practising Islam and they are all spread out over a massive geographical area. No mosque etc etc.

Mum's answer to all these drawbacks? Stop being Muslim then!

An article from the Telegraph which is another nail in the coffin of me ever wanting to send my kids to school. I really am angry about the state of sex education in this country and as an ex-teacher I know more than most. I don't want to start that rant as my heartburn has just triggered off again *sigh*, but generally I think that teachers are amoral or down-right immoral and that what passes for sex "education" would, in any other context, be seen as child abuse by any sane adult. Yet you can't say that, of course, as you are branded a bigot or a prude or a fundamentalist rather than simply an objective observer who sees debauchery prevalent everywhere and is heartily *sick* of it. Another good article to consider.

Right then, nearly time for the sunset prayer so better be off.


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