Friday, April 22, 2005

Not much to tell

Still haven't shopped *sigh* need to sort my camera warranty out *sigh* my house is a mess *SIGH HYPERVENTILATION STYLE* and I've ran out of polos. Again.

But the up-side is we have spent nearly two days solid out of the house and in the garden :D What is it about fresh air that is so exhausting??

Anyway, the car saga continues - not only do we not have any seatbelts in the back of the car (well OK we have one but it doesn't move, so effectively NONE), not only is our back windscreen obliterated and covered (still) with a plastic bag, not only are there no cars of this model in the UK at all thus meaning no windscreen to buy (even if we had the cash), but on top of that for two days running my dear husband can't even START THE CAR IN THE MORNING ANY MORE!!! So if this isn't a sign from on High I don't know *what* is, so: get the message hubby - this car needs dumping - pronto.

Spent the *entire* day scouring auto trade ads and generally realising how low we have actually sunk. I mean, alhamdulillah for everything. But you know.... we have a car with bald tyres, tesco bags for windows and engine intermitent sulkiness... I know there is barakah and wisdom in this and I haven't yet sunk into the "well I'm buggered if I can think what it is" mentality, but cars are a bit of necessity when you are about to sprog and stuff... so make du'a please if anyone out there cares...

What else. Hm... we are having issues with sand in the sand pit. In that it isn't. So not really a sand pit. More of a pit. Surrounded by sand. Good news is that Tesco (not they are not paying me to mention their name so many times) sells playsand for £1.98!!!! Which I think is reasonable to say the least. Still would like even cheap sand to remain in the pit... I think I'm losing on this point drastically so will cut my losses and leave it from now on. So anybody who wants to send their kids to my house to put sand all over my garden are more than welcome to do so... *grinds teeth*

And seedlings. No they really don't need a welly-boot imprint on them, darling and I am tired of saying that over and over as well. Resorted to screaming GET OFF THE FLOWERS EINSTEIN, and now Boss goes around asking, "What Einstein be???" Oh well, better than calling him an idiot I suppose.




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