Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Didn't manage to blog anything before now because my monitor died on Saturday night and well, I've been a bit pre-occupied since then :)

I'll blog later insha'allah so I'll keep this short and sweet - alhamdulillah, I gave birth (finally!) to a baby boy on Sunday evening at 20:58pm weighing 7Lb 14.5 oz, masha'allah.

Got parents here and I'm still sore and getting afooting with new arrival so will leave any visits til I can get my head round life again insha'allah.

Blog soon



At 6:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


*sniffs* *hugs* very happy for you :)

May this baby be a source of peace and mercy for you Debbie.

Love you lots

Hanaa and Jenny

At 9:10 pm, Blogger Umm Zaid said...

Salaam 'Alaikum


At 10:29 am, Blogger khadijah said...

wwwwwoooooooo hooooooo!

At 11:39 pm, Anonymous hannah said...

Congrats. Have just got my computer back so am getting a blog fix.
Any names yet? Hope all is going well. I'm sure you're knackered, second child syndrome guilt ridden, hormonal and sore but I can assure you from this side of 6 weeks it will soon pass. XXX thinking of you.

At 4:54 pm, Blogger merry said...


At 12:53 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

Congratulations from me too :)

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