Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ramadan resources

All About Ramadan

Importance of Salah

How to offer Salah

As well as the moon cycle I think the cycle of the day (the sun and the course it follows) would be a nice idea to introduce to him seeing as I think I intend to teach him salah properly now ie. how to offer it and when (and why). He's almost 4 - should be doing at least one prayer a day with me...

Also some short surahs and ayats, try to get him to learn Ayat al Kursi (he knows the three Quls and fatiha), and some dhikr instigation...


At 8:32 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

sounds wonderful.
I love that Hamza Yusuf doesn't use a prayer timetable. He learned how to tell the prayer time by the sun and how the sky looks. I hate relying on a peice of paper. I would really love to teach the kids that.


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