Friday, January 20, 2006

It does not bode well....

Me: M, sit down when you are eating. Muslims do not stand when we eat.

Boss: *ignores me*

Me: M, sit down. Muhammad (Saw) ordered Muslims to sit when they eat.

Boss: *ignores me*

Me: Darling, there is no barakah in your food when you stand and eat.

Boss: *ignores me*

Me: The jinn are eating with you!!

Boss: *sideways glance but ignores me*

Me: OK you know what, it's also a choking hazard so could you just sit down. Now. I am not joking. Do it. Do it now.

Boss: *turns to me with a mouthful of food and says* I am not eating

Me: Really?

Boss: Yes.

Me: REALLY? You usually have food in your mouth when you are not eating?

Boss: I am not eating. I am just holding the food in my gob.



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