Friday, January 27, 2006


I am really sorry that Boss took chunks out of your lad today. I think he sees it as a sport. :S He is also a control freak and will determine when/how/where anybody should play with anything. I am sure this will pass in a few years. Maybe twenty-one. *shrugs*

Just for you: all the things we did with our stacker today:


We stacked. Then it fell on me. It hurt. Yes, Boss laughed pretty much just like you're doing right now

Castle tunnel garage thing

Invented a game - who could rock the arch so the rolling pin didn't roll off. Harder than it sounds. Don't know who won

Another skill game - you rock the top one

One for Jaws

A river

The sea *shrugs*

A cradle.... aahhh...

A telephone

A maze garage

The end. A very tired toy

We also used in a lot of role play. It was a sword (ouch) and an archer's bow and a helmet and something else. Lots of use out of it. Well worth it. Go on. Buy one!! ;-)


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