Friday, January 27, 2006

PND comment

Khadijah, putting this in a post so I can put it in the sidebar i.a.

subhan'Allah, it is hard to read even.

i *need* ! to point out that breastfeeding has actually been shown to reduce pnd in those susceptible to it due to the hormones that are produced when feeding. they actually counter the withdrawal effect of the pregnancy hormones, and bonding with the baby when there are no feelings can be helped by nourishing the child oneself. also, drugs etc *can* be taken at the same time as b'feeding.

there is a high indication that low levels of omega 3's and 6's is a *major* problem with depression, and since these are sapped from us during pregnancy and b'feeding and today's diet is poor in the balance of these anyway, a supplement is really important (helps with brain dvlpmnt in baby etc too, and baby will get benefit through b'milk if b'feeding, otherwise can be supplemented themselves.

also, bipolar disorder sometimes manifests after birth, and can be misdiagnosed as pnd. just another one to be aware of!

I think counselling is a major way to deal with pnd too, since women who have it once are more likely to suffer again, (not a and so it is useful to visit/revisit some of the psychological scarring.

I LOVE HOMEOPATHY, actually I LOVE ALLAH and that He swt, has put such deep and gentle healing in sugar pills. *smile*
Alhamdulilla hirrabbil 'alamin.
Yes, Merry, I know what you say *wink*!

I also think there should be more info on PPsychosis.

Can you make this a big link at the side or have you done it already? it is a really good summary masha'Allah.


At 8:52 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

lol. i didn't mean *my* words were a good summary. aagh.are you getting me back for printing yours!?!

At 9:50 am, Blogger Qalballah said...

No. But it is a good summary isn't it? Useful comments better than 1,000 word article


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