Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My boy had his jabs today. I wasn't looking forward to it as I think I have oversold the "Oh Jaws is really hurting as he has just had his jabs" thing for a few months and so Boss was a bit adamant he wasn't going.

But we went. He had role-played Doctors in the morning with his Papo knights and ostheimer figures. He gave them all prescriptions and medicine and an injection that just felt like a scratch. I was hoping it would have him mentally prepared.

So we sat in the waiting room. Well, I say we sat. I sat, he walked in circles for half an hour talking the hind legs off a donkey as we heard each and every child be taken to the torture chamber to have their jabs administered, and I cringed with every howl. It was like someone was flaying pigs alive at an abbattoirs. I kept looking at Boss - yes, he'd noticed. Then it was our turn. He had the usual "which school are you going to" question, and he did me proud by grunting "Uh?". He sat on my knee. The nurse told me to hold his hand tight. I clenched my butt and waited for the fall out.

Not a dicky bird. No yelp. No "ouch". No tears. No whimper. Nothing. He just looked down at his arm and then said, "thankyou". My heart bled. Itold him how brave he had been and what a big boy he was and how all the other children had cried, and do you know what he said?

"I want you to tell ALL the aunties I didn't cry and was a brave boy. TELL THEM NOW".

So I have. Pat him on the head when you see him he's very proud of his stoicism.

The jab made him act like a nutter all afternoon though. Hmmmmmm.....


At 9:38 pm, Blogger LMM said...

AH tell him i am impressed .oh and Maya said today..Layla really likes Auntie Debbies little boy????all came from them listening to a nashid tape singing his name.Funny what they chat about alone.


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