Saturday, February 04, 2006

Due to lack of brain

I have missed much of the hoo-har over the Prophet Muhammad (Saw) cartoons which seems to be getting into a bigger story each day.

Firstly, to depict Muhammad (Saw) is against our religion, it isn't against the religion of other people, but even so most companies ever-so-politely refrain from depicting him (saw) anyway. I remember some years ago the Post Office ran a series of famous cat-lovers and had depicted the Prophet (saw) due his compassion and known love of these creatures. But no Muslims burned anything. They simply made their case to the Royal Mail and the Royal Mail who did not know anything of our religion very nicely agreed to withdraw the stamp. But even if they hadn't that is all well and good. It was a stamp about a nice thing - cats and the people who doted on them.

But you know this is an altogether more sinister piece of hyperbole engineering. We all know that most of Europe are frothing-at-the-mouths Islamaphobes - you couldn't say about Jews or black people what you can do and say against Muslims and that's just a fact. We know the media savagely hates Muslims too. The Guardian is fairly balanced but I can't think of any others to be honest. But to be deliberately obnoxious and provocative has, I think, a deeper agenda based on the war in Iraq and the need to probably invade Iran and Syria in the near future. It's whipping up divisions and hatred and contempt of the silly little wog Muslim in his backward crap hole that needs some liberatiion, democracy and civilising element (ie. Americanisation HA HA). Perhaps this was just done to see which way the wind is blowing. I really feel this was totally orchastrated. And it serves no useful purpose.

I think the scenes we see in other countries is just a vent on deeper anger at the hypocrisy in world politics, blatant provocation and the attack on Muslims everywhere.

And once again we hear the hypocrites bleat "freedom of speech". Why then can we not buy books like "The Elders of Zion" if we have freedom of speech? Why can we not whip up racial hatred if we have freedom of speech? Why can we not publically deny the Holocaust if we have freedom of speech? Why cannot I libel any citizen of any nation if we have freedom of speech? Oh wait, but it was a "joke". Right. So in that case - your mother is a ho'. You laughing? Six million Jews did not die in WWII - no, no just kidding. Tony Blair is a murderer. Funny? Hmm... good job they aren't Muslims otherwise they'd have to think so...

I think the anger the Muslims are expressing is the anger towards the double standards we are faced with, the abuse we receive (domestically and in world politics), and blatant arrogance, disrespect and hatred we are subjected to.

To depict the Blessed Prophet (saw) is your business, but to libel him and defame him and to stir up hatred and abuse is mine. I am hurt at all this, because it is through this that barriers are erected. And perhaps that was the intention all along. And for that I have this button which I have lifted from THIS BLOG, anyone want it please copy and paste:


At 9:14 pm, Blogger merry said...

because i know all of you, my eyes have been opened in a different way to all this. Firstly, it disappoints me that our media (well, the media of other European countries at this time)can't see that this is simply crass and tedious and that the world at large does not need it. Yes, we have a right to do things, but honestly, do we have a need?

Secondly, i was sickened at some of the images on BBC News last night - not so much the black clad women requesting the beheading of the cartoonists (though who's cause they think they are helping there i don't know) but mainly that the BBC chose to depict a largely peaceful and moderate protest by focussing on one very small minority of people being extreme and frightening, people that were apparently asked to leave by the majority of Muslims protesting there.

I cannot, in all honesty, even begin to comprehend what the need for this is. I'm not pleased that it isn't being treated with the contempt it deserves, but i can't condemn the anger and outrage. As a world there are taboos that need to be overcome and exposed and there are ones we should respect. It's akin (if not worse) to depicting Jesus breakdancing on the cross while smoking some dope and i bet that would cause outrage.

At 10:07 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

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