Friday, February 03, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

... Boss been very eratic and provocative lately. Spoiling for a fight and really loopy in how he responds to people and pressure and is constantly pushing boundaries when it comes to power. Doesn't let me speak or finish a sentence off. Started fronting up to Jaws and getting a bit aggressive around him. I'm having flashbacks to the toddler I used to have when we had an all-time low relationship and manic behaviour which was only averted by me playing endlessly with him and reinforcing positive vibes.

So whats going on.


I'm watching myself in action and I'm too loopy to do much about it. And it's being passed on too - the more I scream or get eratic the weirder Boss gets, the more he yells and now ... now... JAWS is squealing like a pig at an abbattoir 24/7. He probably thinks that's how people communicate *hangs head and hopes it falls off*
and the cycle starts all over again and feeds into everyone getting very hostile towards one another. Lovely Islamic environment. Not. Can just imagine the barakah doing a U-Turn above our roof...

Anyway, to give you some idea about how I am poisoning my charge here are some of the things out of the mouth of babes recently:

Mum, don't listen to Dad - you know what he's like... he'll just sulk...


I am FED UP. I hate this house. I hate being here. I want to be left alone.


I don't WANT you here!!

Sigh again

Even when Dad is nice don't listen to him Mum. Let's go and live with Nana - just you me and M

(for the record all this Dad-bashing is when my DH who has the patience of a Saint and without whom we would all have gone loopy long ago told Boss off for sticking his finger in Jaws' eye)

If you DO that again I will HIT YOU


You're an idiot. You are THICK you are.

So do I get the baddest Mum of the millenium award? Huh? Do I? Huh? Do I??? Do I??


At 11:29 pm, Blogger LMM said...

Someone told me tday that they heard my eldest talking harshly to the others and it sounded like me.I stuck post it notes up on the cupboard with a quote from Maya"I love it when you speak nice and play with us"that really kept me in order.I must do it again.


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